“There is a time in the life of every problem when it is big enough to see, yet small enough to solve..”

Mike Leavitt

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What is WordWhisk...

Okay, it’s a cheater app – but we’ll call it a “solution assistant”. Sometimes, when you are playing a game where you are given a bunch of letters and have to figure out one or two words, things get tough and frustrating. How about an example:


Find: One word 8 letters long

  • Figure it out? Could be tough. The WordWhisk app has a dictionary with over 140,000 possible words and, given those letters above, there are 69 possible one-word answers.
  • Fortunately, WordWhisk ranks the possible answers by frequency, which should make figuring the proper solution easier.
  • In this case, there are 2 Frequent one-word possibilities found by WordWhisk. (There are a few more in the Common (7), Occasional (9), Infrequent (12) and Rare (39) frequency categories.)
  • Also, fortunately, WordWhisk, by default, does not show you full words. In this case, it would show you (for Frequent):

R…N, S…N

  • A small on the right can be pressed to reveal more letters. After a couple of presses, you would see:


  • And, finally, after hitting the enough times (or changing your preferences so that the full words are initially shown) you will see:


  • At this point, picking the right, uh, SOLUTION, is easy!
  • There are several other helpful options available in WordWhisk so be sure to take a look at the Guidelines web page.

WordWhisk helps what apps?

There are many fun games and other apps out there where finding one or more words is a lot of fun:

  1. One Clue Crossword
  2. Word Collect
  3. Word Nut
  4. Wordscapes
  5. Wordscapes in Bloom
  6. WordHub
  7. Word Cookies
  8. Word Connect
  9. Word Mocha!
  10. Word Calm
  11. Word Villas
  12. Crossword Wonder
  13. and many more.

This wonderful WordWhisk app is even helpful while on a Delta Airlines flight where they have a timed Letter Mix game where you are given a bunch of letters and then a blank list of many words of various lengths for you to fill out.

Oh wait!! There’s one more critical game with which WordWhisk can help a lot — Scrabble! There are many iOS Scrabble games but don’t forget that WordWhisk can be a big help with the physical Scrabble board game.

If you would like to see great stuff about some other games check out the GamesKeys website. WordWhisk is mentioned on the GamesKeys site here. You might also like to check out their list of mobile addictive games.

Does WordWhisk cost anything?

WordWhisk can be used for free — and Ad-Free — for the first 14 days — WOO HOO!

Once those first 14 days of free use have elapsed, you’ll need to spend a whoppingNOT! – $1.99 to open up the app for unlimited use — and Ad-Free! We’ll let you know from within the WordWhisk app when that will need to be done.

You may be wondering, “Why are you going Ad-Free and charging $1.99?” Simple: because all of the game apps for which WordWhisk offers some ‘assistance’ are profusely showing ads and we do not want to add to that ‘ad’ burden!