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Find Two Words each with a Known Length...

Let’s consider an alternative to trying to solve an iOS game where we might need help looking up a two-word puzzle solution (but know that games like One Clue Crossword will occasionally have a two-word puzzle element — there’s an example down below).

Imagine that you urgently need to borrow a tool from a friend but that friend needs to head out to an appointment before you can get over to pick up the tool. Since it’s a valuable tool, your friend does not want to leave it on the front porch where it might be stolen. Instead, your friend says a note will be left on the front door telling you where the tool can be found. You head over to your friend’s house and see the note on the front door:

What?!?! Oh my! How am I going to figure this out? And then you realize that your friend has jumbled up a bunch of letters in a clue where to find the tool. So you bring up the WordWhisk app on your iPhone and get ready to un-jumble the clue.

As we look at the clue, we see that there are two ‘underlines’ so we’re guessing that the clue has two words. So we choose “Let’s…Find Two Words” and then set a couple of options:

We don't want to waste time trying to figure out our friend’s clue so we select “entire word” and, since it is highly likely the clue words are used frequently, we will select ‘Frequent’.

We dismiss the options page and get back to “Find Two Words” and enter the characters in our friend’s clue.

Remember those underlines? We’re guessing they are telling us what the lengths (4 and 5) are of the two words we are looking for.

And here are the ‘Frequent’ results:

Wow! 455 possible solutions found! But after scanning through the 11 ‘Frequent’ word pairs it’s pretty clear that “BACK PORCH” is likely the place to look.

Now just for fun, here's a two word example from one of One Clue Crossword’s puzzles:

Entering the letters and the word lengths into WordWhisk could really help out…

Yes, there were quite a few candidates but after taking a look at the puzzle picture it shouldn’t take long to figure out the right solution…