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Find a Bunch of Words...

There are quite a few great puzzle games out there where you drag your finger around from letter to letter to spell the words to be found. Wordscapes is one of the most popular word games. Here is an example of a circle of candidate letters:

On Wordscapes, a blank crossword puzzle is presented above the circle of available letters. Here is an example:

So we’ve got to find 12 words using the available letters ‘UTDSNO’ by dragging a fingertip from one letter to another until the word has been spelled.

But before we start dragging the words let’s bring up WordWhisk and choose the “Let's ... Find A Word”...

Tap on “…Find a Word” and then set a few WordWhisk options:

Since we will be looking for words with lengths from 3 to 6 letters long, we select the ‘range’ option. Let’s also choose to not have the candidate words fully presented in the results list.

But for a bit more fun, also choose to have the last letter of each candidate word shown.

But for fun, also choose to have the last letter of each candidate word shown.

Ready to go! Dismissing the options, we can now enter the candidate letters (which, for fun, we are reorganizing as ‘🍩s’, er, ‘DONUTS’) along with the length range:

Serious suggestion: while using Wordscapes and similar games, wait to use WordWhisk until you have entered all but the last word into the puzzle. The reason for this suggestion is so that you can earn some ‘bonus’ points for finding words that are valid but not included in the crossword puzzle.

Now that you've properly exercised your brain by at least finding all of the words in the crossword puzzle and would like to enter some bonus words we suggest going back into the ‘Options’ and selecting the “entire word” setting for “For results show:”.

Doing so will help you get as many bonus points as possible.

Here is a full list of all of the words WordWhisk has come up with for the letters and length range we have provided:

54 words! That means a potential for 42 bonus points in Wordscapes! Woo hoo!

Here’s the final solution to this example crossword puzzle:

And here are the ‘solution’ words highlighted in WordWhisk:

What about those bonus points possible in Wordscapes and other crossword puzzle games?

Looking down at the bottom of the Wordscapes screen you will see a circled star. The number in that star are the bonus points you have earned by entering accpetable words that are not part of the main puzzle. The more you earn, the merrier!

Now, to be frank, not all of these 54 words will be acceptable by Wordscapes. Many of the ‘Infrequent’ and ‘Rare’ words will not be acceptable and, occasionally, a few of the other more common words might not be acceptable. But it doesn’t hurt to enter as many words and earn those extra points.