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How to Use WordWhisk...

Of all those awesome games and apps where words are to be found there are essentially three approaches:

  • Find one word given a length and bundle of letters plus a few extra letters
  • Find two words given two lengths and a bundle of letters plus a few extra letters
  • Find as many words as possible given a range of lengths and a bundle of letters

Here are 2 excellent examples, One Clue Crossword and Wordscapes :

Here is how WordWhisk can help with each of these fun games...

• One Clue Crossword...

The One Clue Crossword game shows a picture as the basic clue to the topic for the words in the crossword. Here’s one of the puzzles:

Here we’ve already gotten the ‘POOL’ word and are now working on the highlighted 5-letter word just above. Note that the 8 available letters for guessing the word are shown below the picture and are ‘EILSWSOT’. Got it?

So let’s launch WordWhisk and tap on the Find a Word button at the bottom of the screen:

Now let’s see what WordWhisk suggests when given the candidate letters and word length:

Excellent! And you can probably guess the right word but let’s imagine for a moment that instead we solve the vertical word that passes through this one:

Now we know that the second letter in the 5-letter horizontal word is ‘I’ so let’s add that to WordWhisk’s Known letters* and see what we get:

* — Please be aware that when a word search is done all letters shown in the Known letters are combined with the letters in the Available letters so it would be wise to remove a ‘known’ letter from the ‘available’ letters. Doing so will prevent beguiling words from appearing in the resulting word list because a letter is inadvertently duplicated.

Woo hoo! Thought it was ‘TOWEL’ but it is actually ‘TILES’! Winner! Just for fun, here’s the final puzzle:

Note that usually you would not want the full words shown in the WordWhisk results (because that would be ‘cheating’) but in these examples the presentation option has been overridden to show the full words.

• Wordscapes...

Wordscapes gives you a circle with some letters in it:

The finger is used to compose words by pressing on the first letter of the word candidate and then dragging to each letter in the word.

In this particular example, the words to be found are from 3 to 5 letters long and the available letters are ODLEG. Entering this info in WordWhisk’s Find a Word screen would look like:

And the results presented by WordWhisk would be:

Here is what the final Wordscapes results would be when all of those words were ‘swiped’:

Excellent solution! Oh but there’s more! Notice the star with the ‘10’ in it – that’s a bonus received for ‘swiping’ in 10 valid words that are not part of the puzzle! Tapping on the ‘10’ star shows the bonus words:

No, not all words found by WordWhisk (such as ‘OLDE’) will get you a bonus but any bonus at all is definitely worth it.

• Approaches...

Let’s now talk about the various options that are available in WordWhisk for solving challenges found in terrific games like those above.

Essentially, there are three basic approaches for finding words given a set of letters. For details tap 'em.

• Options...

There are a whole set of options that you can use to control the word finding and presentation of results. For details tap this button.